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Are Personas for employees of companies actively selling goods and services to the Federal Government
Industry allows you to identify employees at companies actively selling goods and services to the Federal Government. You are able to find employees at organizations you are targeting for partnerships or to sell your services or products by using filters such as employer, location, seniority, title and more.
In this next example we are looking at a vendor with one of the highest percentages of the marketshare for Salesforce services (not licenses) for last year so, we use V3Gate. You can perform the market research needed to find this information in GovTribe (see our use case walk through for Market Research) Simply enter their name into the Employer section, and are presented with Oscar Valdez, the Owner and CEO of V3Gate. From here, you can add him to a list or take his contact information to reach out with a warm introduction about how my organization can increase their pwin on the most recent Salesforce contracts we believe they will be bidding on.
On the profiles for industry members, you have all of the same information as Buyers. A GovTribe AI insight section allowing you to understand where they have focused or shown up in the data. Access to their contact information, title, location, and seniority. The ability to dig into similar personas as well as of course review their activity and colleagues. .
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