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Receive notifications in a designated Slack channel when Pursuits are updated.
The GovTribe Slack app provides a channel for you to get instant notifications when data in your pursuits change. Whether it is a change made by someone in your company, or a change made by the publishing agency, you will be immediately notified what that change takes place, along with what was actually changed.

Activating the App

Activation of the Slack app can only be completed by the Account Owner. On the Account page, you will see the Slack Integration option.
"Add to Slack" button on Account page.
Slack integration can only be added by the Account Owner.
When you click on the "Add To Slack" button, you will be redirected to a Slack authorization page. There, you will authorize the addition of the app to your workspace, and select the channel to which your notifications will be sent.
Slack authorization page.
Once you select your channel and click on "Allow", you will be redirected back to the Account page, which will show a success message, and a badge indicating that Slack integration is active.
Account page with Slack integration enabled.
Now, whenever Pursuit data is updated, you will received a notification in the designated Slack channel.

Getting Help

If you are having issues with the GovTribe app in Slack, you can reach us by email, or by using the chat feature on the website.