Research Possible Re-Competes

Using Award and IDV Search to find Future Re-bid Opportunities

GovTribe’s awards data provide you with the ability to anticipate future opportunities by identifying currently active contract awards that may become available for re-bid. The common term for this is a Re-compete Opportunity.

This document explains how to search currently active Federal Contract Awards and Federal Contract IDVs that have a completion date in the near future, and that interest you with regard to scope of work, set-aside, target agency, etc.), as well as how to add Pursuits to your Pipelines based on Contract or Grant Awards, which is what you would do in the case of identifying a re-compete opportunity.

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Search for Contracts/Grants Nearing Completion Date

To search for Contracts/Grants nearing completion date:

Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Awards >> Federal Contract Awards (take me there).

Step 2. Under Filters, select Completion Date.

Step 3. In the pop-over window, select “within the next”… then enter 12 months (for example), as shown above, then click Close.

You could also select “is after” a certain date, or any other date-defining criteria you are interested in. However, using relative date ranges such as “within the next 12 months” works best with Saved Searches.

Step 4. Apply any further filters to narrow down your search results.

For example, filter by your favorited NAICS or PSC codes, keywords, value ranges, awarding agency, etc.

Step 5. Click Search.

Step 6. If desired, once you have a targeted search criteria with manageable results, save this search and GovTribe will alert you when contracts reach your criteria.

Step 7. Click on any contract’s Title or View button to learn more details.

Step 8. If you find a contract you are interested in pursuing as a re-compete, click Add to Pipeline to add this as an opportunity in the Triage Stage to the selected Pipeline. (See Find and Add Pursuits to Your Pipeline for details.)

The Recompetes Tab on a Pursuit

The Recompetes tab on any Pursuit Detail Page shows a list of the Contract Awards or IDVs (or Grant Awards) that are linked to the Pursuit. If the Pursuit was created from an Award or IDV, the link back to that original Award or IDV page are listed here.

Similarly, if you do research on incumbent contracts for a new opportunity and link those Award or IDV records to an existing Pursuit, the links back to those pages appear here.

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