Finding Opportunities

Using GovTribe to find Opportunities, including Recommended Opportunities and Possible Re-competes

Searching Federal Contract and Grant Opportunities

A common activity on GovTribe is searching for Federal Contracts or Grants that might be worth considering for your company.

To search for Opportunities:

Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Opportunities >> Federal Contract Opportunities (take me there) or Federal Grant Opportunities (take me there).

Please refer to the following for details and tips on using GovTribe’s Search features effectively: Search 101 Saved Searches and Notifications

Using Similar Opportunities

When you access any Contract or Grant Opportunity Detail Page, GovTribe provides a list of Similar contracts or grants. Be sure to check these out to identify additional possible Opportunities for your company.

All GovTribe users are automatically presented with Recommended Federal Contract Opportunities. These are posted federal contract opportunities that our machine learning algorithm has matched to your account based on:

  • Your company's attributes

  • Your company's prime and sub contract award history

  • Your browsing behavior on GovTribe

  • The browsing behavior of other members of your account on GovTribe

You can view these recommendations in two places.

  • The Recommended Opportunities widget on your Dashboard.

  • The daily email account members receive, containing your account’s latest Recommended Opportunities, based on each user’s individual pursuit activity blended with their Vendor’s award history.

Each account user’s email notification may contain unique information for this reason.

Recommendations are driven to a great degree by what you and your team look at and add to your Pipelines on GovTribe. Therefore, the most effective way to improve your recommendations is to use GovTribe’s search features to find opportunities closely matched to your company’s offerings, and add them to Pipelines.

The more you and your team use the site to identify opportunities, the more accurately GovTribe can recommend opportunities for you. Therefore, it is recommended to pursue everything of interest to you. Your Recommended Opportunities will begin to become very useful!

Linking Possible Re-Competes

Browsing Past Awards

You can manually link a past Award or IDV record to an existing Pursuit, which will add it to the Pursuit’s Recompetes Tab. Just search for incumbent contracts and past awards and link them to an existing Pursuit.

The Award will be added to the Pursuit’s Recompetes Tab.

Active Contracts Dashboard Widget

The Active Contracts widget on the Dashboard displays the Federal Contract Awards for your company that are ending within the selected timeframe. This is a great way to start filling up your Pipelines with potential recompetes.

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