What Is GovTribe?

A general explanation of GovTribe and its features and benefits

GovTribe is software that provides Federal contract and grant opportunity identification and market intelligence services. Our aim is to give you the information you need about the Federal contracting market in an easily searchable website by providing an intuitive and organized experience, and helping to turn information into actionable intelligence.

In short, we aggregate opportunity, award, and spending data related to the Federal contracting market from all available government sources. We integrate and contextualize that data, and then make that information easy to browse and use. In addition to live and updated government data, we then provide you with all of the tools that you need to execute all of these related to your Federal capture process.

The result is a unique, all-in-one-collaborative platform where you and your team can access real-time intelligence and seamlessly manage your business development activities.

GovTribe’s Major Features and Benefits 💪

Identify and Track Opportunities

Probably the most common activity that GovTribe users perform is identifying and tracking Federal Government contracting opportunities. We pull in Federal Contracting opportunity data from various definitive sources, which you can search, browse, and filter to identify opportunities relevant to your business.

GovTribe’s rich filtering capability allows you to zero-in on relevant opportunities by many characteristics, including NAICS and PSC codes, Federal Agency, set-asides, contracting vehicles, Contracting Officer, and much more. Searches can be saved in order to re-use and receive scheduled notifications when new results are available.

Once you identify Opportunities you’re interested in pursuing, they can be easily added as a Pursuit to your Pipeline. You are then able to to monitor and manage Pursuits through your business processes.

GovTribe provides users with the ability to:

  • Collaboratively Manage Business Development Processes Jointly manage federal capture and bid management with out-of-the box functionality focused on your federal bid and grant application needs.

  • Execute Business Development Pipelines Build and manage business development pipelines that are fully integrated with live updating federal contract and grant opportunity information.

  • Collaborate with your Business Development Team Share information with colleagues and have real time insight into the team's activities.

  • Assign and Manage Tasks and Deadlines Add accountability to work processes. Assign tasks, manage deadlines and milestones, coordinate and communicate with teams and partners.

  • Organize and Archive Your Proposal Documents Keep your business development documents in context of the proposal process. Easily find and retrieve proposal content. Manage versioning for in-process proposals.

  • Track Your Team’s Performance with Custom Analytics View and configure simple and custom reports on pipeline performance. Track activity across pipelines, time periods, or any other metric.

📈 Research Market Entry Strategies

Gain a better understanding of your market using GovTribe’s powerful market research tools to develop market entry and expansion strategies. Learn about the important people, companies, contracting vehicles, and other competitive intel for your market.

GovTribe users have access to extensive Contract and Grant Award data, to help:

  • Navigate an Intuitive Agency Hierarchy Understand government buying behavior down to the federal agency, bureau, division, or office that matters to you.

  • Identify Government Decision-Makers Find contact information for the federal government decision maker that will help you to grow your business.

  • Research and Track Contracting Vehicles GovTribe provides targeted intelligence on GSA Federal Supply Schedules, GWACS, IDIQs, and other multiple award vehicles.

Understand the Competition 👀

GovTribe has performance profiles on every federal contractor. Use actual past performance data to identify competitors and find teaming partners for a specific bid opportunity, or for a market segment more generally.

🎉 Promote Your Company Profile

Feature your own company’s profile on GovTribe. Put your qualifications and capabilities in front of Government Agencies, possible teaming partners, and strategic investors.

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