Step 2: Add Pursuits to Your Pipeline

How to find Opportunities and add them as Pursuits to your Pipeline

This document is part of a series that describes the four basic steps in creating and managing your Capture in GovTribe:

Once you have a Pipeline defined, you’re ready to start finding Opportunities you’re interested in and adding them as Pursuits to your Pipeline.

For this step, please refer to Find Contract or Grant Opportunities to learn best practices and detailed instructions for using Search to find Contract or Grant opportunities. You might also find the following helpful: GovTribe-recommended Opportunities on your Dashboard Research Possible Recompetes

Creating a Pursuit from an Opportunity or Award

This method is the most simple and commonly used method for creating a Pursuit. Pursuits created this way are automatically added to the default Triage Stage of the Pipeline indicated.

See Pipeline, Pursuits, and Triage Overview for more information about the Triage Stage.

To create a Pursuit from an Opportunity or Award:

Step 1. Use a Saved Search to identify interesting Opportunities or Awards, or otherwise Search for an Opportunity or Award that you are interested in pursuing in either:

Step 2.

For Federal Contract Opportunity’s select the Create Pursuit button, then the Add Pursuit button, followed by the appropriate Pipeline in the dropdown list.

For Federal Grant Opportunity’s or Award’s select the Add Pursuit button, then select the appropriate Pipeline in the dropdown list.

The Pursuit will be added to the Pipeline’s Triage Stage.

Step 3. Click Close or View Pursuit.

Once a Pursuit is created, it is important to add additional information on the Pursuit’s Detail tab and Related tab, as described further in this document.

Creating a Pursuit from Scratch

This method is useful when you already know the name of the:

  • Contract or Grant Opportunity that you wish to pursue

  • Award that you wish to pursue as a re-compete

Creating a Pursuit within a Pipeline Stage

To create a Pursuit from within a Pipeline Stage:

Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Pipelines, and click on the appropriate Pipeline.

Step 2. In the desired Stage of the Pipeline, click + Pursuit.

Since the Pipeline and Stage are already known, the Details tab is displayed by default.

Step 3. If you are creating the Pursuit from an Opportunity, click the Opportunities tab, and type to search either the Federal Contract Opportunities or Federal Grant Opportunities field. Click OK.

Step 4. If you are creating the Pursuit from an Award, click the Recompetes tab, and type to search either the Federal Contract Awards, Federal Contract IDV Awards, or Federal Grant Awards tab. Click OK.

Step 5. Complete fields in the Details tab and Related tab (described further in this document) to further define your Pursuit.

You can also edit the Pursuit at any time to add this information.

Step 6. Click OK.

Creating a Pursuit from the Pursuits Page

Most of the time, Pursuits found on your Pursuits page were created using one of the other methods described in this document. However, you can use this method to create new Pursuits directly from the Pursuits Page.

To create a Pursuit from the Pursuits Page:

Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Pursuits.

Step 2. Click the + icon (Add Pursuit) in the upper right corner of the page.

The Details Tab

The Details tab of the Add (or Edit) Pursuit popover allows you to enter key information about the opportunity you are pursuing.

Some of this information is auto-populated based on information from a linked Opportunity or Award (e.g., the title, the description, the due date), but can be edited to suit your needs.

It is highly recommended that you complete, and keep up to date, the following fields:

  • Win Probability: Your estimate of your percentage chance of winning the bid

  • Estimated Value: Your estimate of the award value for the bid

  • Due Date: Due date for the response. Usually filled in automatically by the Opportunity.

  • Estimated Award Date: Your estimate of when an award will be made.

These four values drive your Pipeline Performance stats. Though they are not required fields, keeping them up to date will allow you to better assess your current capture performance and forecast future performance.

For more information, see Pipeline Performance Reporting.

The Related Tab allows you to add “links” to three types of data captured in GovTribe: Participants, Categories, and Federal Contract Vehicles or Grant Programs.

The Participants subtab allows you to link a related Federal Agency and related Federal People to the Pursuit.

The Categories subtab allows you to link a related NAICS Category and/or PSC Category to the Pursuit.

The More subtab allows you to link a related Federal Contract Vehicle or Federal Grant Program to the Pursuit.

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