Manage Account Users

How to add, remove, and change users on your account

GovTribe is a collaborative platform used by teams of people to research and manage all aspects of the federal contracting business development process.

If you have a Standard or Premium subscription to GovTribe, your Account Admin can invite other users to your account. Doing so allows you to collaborate with them on opportunity pursuits, assign tasks, and share information with them.

All GovTribe Free Trial accounts are on the Standard plan, so even free trial users can invite their colleagues to experience GovTribe.

Invite Users

To invite users to your account:

Step 1. Open your Account page and scroll down to manage users:

Step 2. Enter the Name and Email Address for the new user, then click Invite User.

Your colleague will receive an email invitation from GovTribe inviting them to set up their profile, which will be connected to your account.

Step 3. In the “Manage Users” section of your Account page, the user will be listed in Pending status until the invitation is accepted and the user successfully logs in.

If necessary, you can use the Resend Invite link to send the invitation again.

When users on your account access their own Account pages, the following message appears, instructing them to contact their account owner for changes.

View Colleagues Currently Online

You can see which account users are currently online in the header of any GovTribe screen. Hover your mouse over the user’s initial or avatar to view the full name.

Remove Users

Following this process removes the user from your group account. However, the user retains the account and is able to log in, but will no longer be able to view any content from your account, even if the user created it. The user’s account will automatically be placed in free trial status, with no existing content.

To remove a user’s access:

Step 1. Click Remove in the Manage Users section of the Account page.

Step 2. Click Remove in the confirmation message.

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