COVID-19 Federal Government Contracting Data

The U.S. federal government uses National Interest Action (NIA) codes to categorize procurement actions related to emergency or contingency responses or other nationally significant events. Individual transactions (or actions) within Federal Contract Awards and Federal Contract Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDV) may be assigned an NIA code. On March 13, 2020 the U.S. federal government made the NIA value COVID-19 2020 or P20C available within contract writing systems for tracking actions within relief contracts.

Based on the P20C NIA, GovTribe developed a COVID-19 federal government contract funding map displaying relevant transactions, aggregated by the reported place of performance.

The Federal Government Contract Funding Map

Click here to access the funding map.

Data Overview

The GovTribe COVID-19 federal government contract funding map provides the following information:

  • Transaction obligations marked with the relevant NIA, aggregated by an approximate location, based on the reported place of performance.

  • A listing of Federal Contract Awards under which the relevant transactions occurred.

  • Totals for all relevant transaction obligations, including obligations with no reported place of performance.

  • A count of Federal Contract Awards and Federal Contract IDVs containing at least one transaction marked with the relevant NIA.

Data Source

Data supporting the GovTribe COVID-19 federal government contract funding map is primarily sourced from the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS). The data is refreshed daily from FPDS at 9AM Eastern and the map is updated at 10AM Eastern.


  • For military operational security concerns, the availability of Department of Defense (DoD) FPDS data is subject to a 90-day delay. As such, the DoD FPDS data for COVID-19 is delayed.

  • Source data transactions for Federal Contract Awards normally provide a place of performance. Source data transactions reported for Federal Contract IDVs do not. While the reported total obligation numbers reflect all transactions, the map only displays transactions with a geocoded place of performance. As the source data for place of performance is not exceptionally granular, the accuracy of the geocoding is approximate.

  • It is possible some transactions for a Federal Contract Award are marked with the relevant NIA and some are not.

Using the COVID-19 NIA Codes to Search for Awards

Using the new National Interested Action (NIA) Code COVID-19 as a filter in your search for Contract Awards can help you target COVID-19 related contracts of interest to you.

To search using the COVID-19 NIA Codes:

Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Federal Contract Awards (take me there).

Step 2. In the Filters drop-down list, select National Interest Action.

Step 3. Check Coronavirus COVID-19, and click Close. The results displayed will be Awards.

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