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Feature Your Vendor Profile
Putting your company front-and-center in GovTribe
Standard and Premium plan users are able to "claim" their vendor profiles on GovTribe and add additional marketing content to it. Your profile is then featured (i.e., promoted to the top of the page) on the Vendor Search Page in the context of the search being performed.

Why Feature Your Vendor Profile?

Government User Research

GovTribe's primary user base is companies who are interested in federal contracting or grant-making. However, we are also visited by thousands of government users every month!
Through polling of our government users, we've learned that they are mostly contracting officers and other procurement specialists who use GovTribe to research companies when preparing new procurements (among other things).
Specifically, government procurement personnel use GovTribe to research companies that are eligible for certain set-asides, that have access to contracting vehicles, and that have the capabilities and past experience that match their current needs. This kind of research helps inform whether a bid comes out as a 8(a) or Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) set-aside, and whether a contract can be sole-sourced or should be bid competitively.
Example: A contracting officer from Homeland Security is preparing to procure cyber training services and wants to know if there are enough qualified small businesses to bid it as a small business set-aside. She visits the Federal Vendors page on GovTribe and sets up a query to identify all small businesses that have experience providing training services (NAICS 611) related to cyber security across DOD and civilian agencies.
If you are a small business with the relevant experience and your Profile is featured, the contracting officer will see something similar to this:
At the top of the search results are featured GovTribe customers with their capabilities statements and contract history front and center.

Find Teaming Partners

Many companies also perform vendor research on GovTribe when searching for teaming partners, using the same steps described in the above example.

How to Claim and Feature Your Profile

Your account must be Standard or Premium to use this feature.
To claim your profile:
Step 1. Go to: Participants > Vendors
Step 2. Search for your company by name.
Step 3. Click on your Company Name in the search results to view your Vendor Profile.
Step 4. In the lower right corner of your Vendor Listing, click the Claim Vendor button.
Step 5. Add a tagline and capability statement for your company.
Step 6. Click Confirm to publish.
Step 7. (Optional) Search for your Vendor Name again to see your Featured Vendor Profile listed at or near the top.
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