Identify Your Company in GovTribe

How to link your vendor to your GovTribe profile (if it isn’t automatically recognized)

GovTribe uses information we know about your company’s contract award data to deliver personalized recommendations to your Dashboard and your inbox, improving opportunity recommendations and activating all of your Dashboard functionality.

Most of the time, we're able to identify your company automatically using your email domain. If we were able to do so, your company name appears on your Dashboard.

If your company name appears in the area above on your Dashboard similar to above, no further action is necessary.

If your company name does not display as shown above on your Dashboard, we were unable to identify your company automatically. The most common reason is that the account was not created with the company name in the domain.

To help GovTribe recognize your Company for your Account:

Step 1. In the Administration Menu in the upper right corner, select Profile.

Step 2. In the New Email field, enter your email address with your company name in the domain (e.g., then enter it again in the Confirm New Email field.

Step 3. Click Save at the bottom of the Profile screen.

You will receive an email requesting you to verify the email address. Until you verify the address, your account will be in Pending status.

If you have used your company email address and we were still unable to assign a company (or we have assigned the wrong company), please email us at We can manually assign a company to your account.

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