GovTribe QuickStart: Typical Workflow Overview

High-level overview of the basic steps for successfully using GovTribe. GovTribe 101.

There are four basic steps for using GovTribe to pursue opportunities for your business:

Step 1: Create a Pipeline Create a Pipeline to define your business development process. A Pipeline contains the Stages you follow as you respond to Opportunities. You can create a custom Pipeline or use one of GovTribe’s Pipeline templates. Learn How: Step 1 - Create a Pipeline for Pursuits

Step 2: Add Pursuits to Your Pipeline As you identify Contract or Grant Opportunities you wish to pursue, add them to your Pipeline so you can track your progress. Learn How: Step 2 - Create and Add Pursuits to Your Pipeline

Step 3: Create Tasks, Manage Files, and Collaborate with Your Team Create and assign Tasks to your team to collaborate in completing all requirements for each Pursuit. Share and manage files related to your Pursuits. Learn How: Step 3 - Create Tasks, Manage Files, & Collaborate with Your Team

Step 4: Monitor and Manage Your Pipeline Monitor and manage the Pursuits in your Pipeline to completion (Won, Lost, or Abandoned). Learn How: Step 4 - Monitor and Manage Your Pipeline

Use the links provided for details on each step. If you have any problems along the way, contact us for help: email or use the chat feature found at the bottom right corner of each screen.

In addition, to understand more about the government contracting process and elements that make up the GovTribe system, it is helpful to review the "ALL ABOUT..." section of this User Guide.

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