Explore (GovTribe’s Global Search Page)

Annotated description of the Explore Page

Explore is GovTribe's global search page, allowing you to perform a general search of GovTibe data.

To access Explore:

Step 1: Go to: Main Menu >> Explore. (Take me there)

The global search page for GovTribe will be displayed.

When doing a keyword search on GovTribe Explore, GovTribe's search engine returns the highest value hits against all of our searchable content (e.g., all content except “My GovTribe” pages).

Directly beneath the Search field, a list of categories is displayed, including a number badge indicating the number of records currently active in the database for that category (i.e., in the sample above, there are currently 2,684,151 Federal Contract Opportunities available in the GovTribe database).

Clicking on any “category” in the list at the top will scroll to that area of the screen, where the three top records for that category are displayed. For example:

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