Step 4: Monitor and Manage Your Pipeline

How to monitor changes and progress on your Pursuits and Manage them through to Completion

This document is part of a series that describes the four basic steps in creating and managing your Capture in GovTribe:

Once you have set up your Pipeline, added a Pursuit, and set up Files and Tasks, you can monitor and manage your Pursuit through to completion.

Using the Pipeline, you’ll advance Pursuits through the Pipeline from left to right as stages are completed, and finally to a “terminal” stage: Won, Lost, or Abandoned. Once a Pursuit is marked with one of these terminal stages, it is removed from the Pipeline, but can still be accessed on the Pursuits page, using the Won, Lost, or Abandoned stage filters.

This is handy for researching past activities. For example, it can be useful to view a closed Pursuit’s documents and re-use them on new Pursuits (e.g., a solid capability statement created for a Pursuit that you won).

Monitoring Tasks

As you create and assign Tasks, you can keep track of progress, either per Pursuit or across your entire account.

Learn more: Monitoring Tasks Across Your Account

Monitoring Activities on a Pursuit

Along the left side of each Pursuit Detail page is a panel that displays all Activities on the Pursuit, including both actions taken by your team as well as actions committed by Federal personnel on the Pursuit’s underlying Opportunity, Grant, or Award.

The information in this panel allows you to monitor activities taken toward working the Pursuit, as well as updates and changes to the Opportunity so you can react quickly.

Moving Pursuits through the Pipeline Stages

The Pipeline Stages progress from left to right. There are multiple ways to move your Pursuit through the stages of your Pipeline.

  • Drag the Pursuit between Stages on the Pipeline page Position your cursor over the three vertical dots to the left of the Pursuit’s Name in any Pipeline Stage, to access the “drag” functionality. Then drag the Pursuit to the desired Stage.

  • Edit the Pursuit and update the Stage on the Pipeline & Stage tab Access the Pursuit, then click Edit to change the Stage (and/or Pipeline) from the Pipeline & Stage tab.

Reviewing Pipeline Performance Reports

GovTribe aggregates your Pursuits activity and status, providing several useful visual reports. These reports are accessed on your main Pursuits page, via the Reports tab.

For more details on reporting, see Pipeline Performance Reporting.

Closing Out a Pursuit

There are three ways to close out a Pursuit. You can mark it:

  • Won

  • Lost, or

  • Abandoned

When you mark a Pursuit in any of these three options, the Pursuit no longer appears in your Pipeline. However, it is still accessible on your Pursuits page (Main Menu >> My GovTribe >> Pursuits), when you Filter by the appropriate Stage.

To close out a Pursuit:

Step 1. From your Pipeline Page, click the arrow next to the Edit button for the appropriate Pursuit, and select Won, Lost, or Abandoned.

The Pursuit will be removed from the Pipeline, but can still be accessed on your Pursuits page using filters.

The Won/Lost/Abandoned Stats Bar

The Won/Lost/Abandoned Status Bar is displayed at the top of your Pipeline. The three sections in this bar represent these three “results stages” as shown below. The purple section represents Wins, the black section represents Losses, and the grey section represents Abandoned.

As you mark completed Pursuits as Won, Lost, or Abandoned, GovTribe calculates and displays the dollar-value percentages per category of your total closed Pursuits in this bar, helping you understand your Pipeline performance.

You can hover your mouse over each section for details. For example, in the Pipeline shown above:

  • 68% win rate in the last year, by total estimated value

  • 8% loss rate in the last year, by total estimated value

  • 24% abandonment rate in the last year, by total estimated value

Your Pursuits in Won, Lost, or Abandoned status must have a win percentage and estimated value defined in order for the system to calculate values and include the data in this bar.

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