Saved Searches and Email Notifications

How to save frequently used searches, how to use edit Saved Searches, and how Search Notifications work

About Saved Searches

The Saved Search feature allows you to save commonly needed search queries, to save time and effort in searching. Saved Searches are accessible to all users on an account.

Furthermore, when new items meet the criteria in a Saved Search, GovTribe sends the creator of the Saved Search an email notification with the search results either instantly, daily, or weekly.

The Save Search feature is available on the following search pages:

To create a Saved Search:

Step 1. Set up the search criteria you wish to save.

See Search 101 for details.

Step 2. Click Save Search.

Step 3. Type a name for your search in the Name field.

Step 4. Select how frequently you would like to receive Email Notifications if the results change. The options include:




A separate email for each update against the search parameters within about 15 minutes.


One email each morning at 9am EST summarizing the activity from the previous 24 hours.


One email every Friday at 10am EST summarizing the activity from the previous 7 days.

Step 5. Click Save.

Accessing and Viewing Saved Search Results

To access and view a Saved Search:

Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Saved Searches.

The Saved Searches screen displays a list of all Saved Search that have been created for your account. Note that only the Owner of a Saved Search can Edit or Delete a Saved Search.

At the top of the screen, you can conduct a search to find a specific Saved Search and filter your Saved Searches by Owner or Last Sent.

The Scope column in the Saved Searches list indicates the type of search that was saved. For example, both Saved Searches above were conducted on the Federal Contract Opportunities module in GovTribe (Main Menu > Opportunities > Federal Contract Opportunities). Note that you can save searches conducted on any Opportunities or Awards screens.

The Frequency column displays the selected frequency that Saved Search Email Notifications are sent to the Saved Search’s Owner.

The Count column on this screen displays the total number of results that match each Saved Search’s criteria.

Step 2. Click the View button for the appropriate Saved Search in the list.

GovTribe will display the current results for the search criteria, exactly the same way results are displayed when you execute any search.

Editing a Saved Search Name or Email Notification Frequency

To edit a Name or Email Notification frequency of a Saved Search:

Step 1: Go to: Main Menu >> Saved Searches, and click the Edit button for the appropriate Saved Search.

The Edit button is only available to the Saved Search Owner (creator).

Step 2: In the Edit Saved Search pop-over, edit the Name and/or the email notification frequency, and click Save.

Editing a Saved Search’s Search Criteria

To edit the search criteria of a Saved Search:

Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Saved Searches, and click the View button for the appropriate Saved Search to display its current search results.

Step 2. Make any changes to the search criteria using the fields provided.

For example:

  • edit the key words

  • add or remove filters

  • click Edit to change the Name or Email Notifications frequency

  • click Delete to delete the Saved Search

Step 3. Click the red Save Changes button.

The Save Changes button only appears after changes have been made.

Using Saved Search Email Notifications

As the Owner of any Saved Saved Search you will receive email updates instantly, daily, or weekly, depending on the Frequency setting of the Saved Search.

When there is new activity, you will receive an Email Notification that looks similar to this:

The content of the email provides recipient(s) with a list of Saved Searches that have new activity, as well as the number of new results for each updated Saved Search.

To view the new updates:

Step 1. Click on the colored number badge for the associated Saved Search. (In the above example, that would be the orange number 2.)

A browser window opens and loads the Saved Search results in GovTribe. A status bar at the top of the page indicates the displayed Saved Search.

The search results shown on the page will be only the "New Results" that were indicated in the notification email you received.

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