Government Files

Search for and review various Government Files for Opportunities and Awards in GovTribe

GovTribe aggregates and digitizes all Government Files (such as Solicitations, Q&A documents, Budget Templates, SOWs, and much more) for any Contract or Grant Opportunity and Award. On the Government Files Search page you can search for any document by name or keyword, by type using filters, format type, for any particular Opportunity or Award, and more.

For example, if you search the Government Files page for a certain keyword (i.e., “renovate”, or the name of a product, or a vendor name), GovTribe not only returns a list of files that contain that keyword, it also highlights the keyword within the document in the document preview area.

When you add any Opportunity as a Pursuit on your account, all Government Files associated with that Opportunity are automatically pulled to your Pursuit page. Furthermore, if any updates to those files on a Pursuit will be updated, and a notification of the update will appear in your Activity Feed for the Pursuit.

The Government Files Search Page

To access the Vendors Search page:

Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Files >> Government Files. (Take me there)

The Government Files Search Page will be displayed, which allows you to view and access Federal Files associated with contracts and grants on GovTribe.

Please refer to Search 101 for details on how to use this page to search for awards.

The following image describes this page and its features and functionality. Note the following:

When you search using keywords, GovTribe returns files that have that keyword in the file name or anywhere within the file’s content. Use filters to narrow down the list, if needed.

The Government File Detail Page

To access a Federal Agency Detail Page:

Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Files >> Government Files. (Take me there)

Step 2. Search for the desired file, then click on the Title of the File listed (or its View button).

You can also access a file’s detail page by clicking on any file’s link throughout GovTribe.

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