GovTribe AI Insights

Your new 24/7 research assistant and best friend in the federal market.

About GovTribe AI

GovTribe AI is the Federal Leader in Research Assistance. You can utilize GovTribe AI to find likely bidders, summarize win themes, build a proposal outline, identify incumbent contracts, and more!

GovTribe AI is currently in Beta and available with any GovTribe paid plan. Once GovTribe AI is out of the Beta phase, please check GovTribe features to understand the limitations per plan.

Leveraging AI Insights

How and where to access GovTribe AI Insights

To build lists or find specific information, utilize AI Insights on the Top Left hand corner of GovTribe:

To streamline Go/No Go Decisions or write a Draft Proposal, open the relevant opportunity and select the AI Insights tab:

Providing Feedback

Let us know what you think so we can ensure GovTribe AI continues to provide the best value possible! Within each conversation, you can rate GovTribe AI and let us know what we do well and what we can do better. For in depth feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out via the GovTribe Customer Success team via the chat in app or Emailing Success.

GovTribe AI Insights Use Cases

The below section provides details on the various use cases of GovTribe AI Insights. If there isn't a use case currently available that you wish to see, please reach out to the GovTribe Success team to know more!

How to identify open opportunities with GovTribe AI?

Find Opportunities Prompt Options:

These are general conversation prompts that you can customize and paste into GovTribe AI to get the specific results that you're looking for.

To generate a response that focuses on your companies past performance, where you would be well suited to win:

Please identify, currently open to bid, federal contract opportunities where our organization would be well positioned to win based on our past performance, highlighting, in the results summary, what aspects of the opportunity are well suited to our organization.

To generate a response that focuses on a particular capability or product that your team specializes in:

Please identify top currently open to bid federal contract opportunities that focus on *cyber security related penetration testing, calling out what type of penetration testing and any relevant penetration testing* details in the provided opportunity summary.

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