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Description of UNSPSC Categories and annotated descriptions of the UNSPSC Search and Detail pages

The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) is a global purchasing, hierarchical classification system for products and services. This coding system is designed to facilitate e-commerce, procurement, and supply chain management activities by providing a universal structure for categorizing products and services. The UNSPSC system enables organizations, including state and jurisdiction entities, to conduct analyses, foster global trade, and improve the efficiency of procurement and supply chain operations.

GovTribe maintains a list of UNSPSC categories and their details, allowing you to:

  • Favourite and filter by your relevant UNSPSC categories when searching for opportunities

  • Review which States, Jurisdictions, and Government Buyers are using the category

UNSPSC Categories Search Page

To access the UNSPSC Search Page:

Step 1: Go to Main Menu >> Categories >> UNSPSC Categories (Take me there)

The UNSPSC Search Page will be displayed, which allows you to access and view UNSPSC profiles within GovTribe.

UNSPSC Detail Page

To access a UNSPSC Detail page:

Step 1: Go to Main Menu >> Categories >> UNSPSC Categories (Take me there), then click on the Title of any UNSPSC listed.

UNSPSC Contract Opportunities

Contract Opportunities for the UNSPSC you are looking at:

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