NIGP Categories

Description of NIGP categories and annotated details of the NIGP Search and Detail Pages

The NIGP (National Institute of Governmental Purchasing) Code is a standardized classification system used for organizing products and services for purchase by state and local governments. The system is designed to facilitate the procurement process by providing a detailed, systematic method for identifying, describing, and categorizing goods and services. It enables government entities and their suppliers to communicate more efficiently and effectively about procurement needs and offerings.

GovTribe maintains a list of NIGP categories and their details, allowing you to:

  • Favourite and filter by your relevant NIGP categories when searching for opportunities

  • Review which States, Jurisdictions, and Government Buyers are using the category

NIGP Categories Search Page

To access the NIGP Search Page:

Step 1: Go to Main Menu >> Categories >> NIGP Categories (Take me there)

The NIGP Search Page will be displayed, which allows you to access and view NIGP profiles within GovTribe.

NIGP Detail Page

To access a NIGP Detail page:

Step 1: Go to Main Menu >> Categories >> NIGP Categories (Take me there), then click on the Title of any NIGP listed.

NIGP Contract Opportunities

Contract Opportunities for the NIGP you are looking at:

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