Frequently Asked Questions


What do the export limits per plan mean?

The 50, 3000, and 25k export limits for the Basic, Standard, and Enterprise plans respectively refer to the number of records (or rows) per individual export. In other words, you can have as many exports as you want, as long as the total number of records within each export is less than your Export Limit (i.e. 50, 3k, 25k).

Do you offer any discounts for Small Businesses?

We do not offer any discounts. Our prices are highly competitive to other platforms in the space. However, you can get 2 months out of 12 for free if you select an Annual plan vs. monthly plan. Essentially, if you select an annual plan it would be like paying for 10 months of a Monthly cost but having access to the plan for 12 months.

Do you accept any other payment methods besides credit or debit cards?

Only Credit, Debit, and Pcards are acceptable for our Basic or Standard plans.

For Enterprise plans, we do offer invoice based billing that includes payment via ACH.

If we use GovTribe, do we need to send you a 1099?

No, GovTribe is a US Based C Corporation that only accepts credit card payments. You do not need to send us a 1099; therefore you do not need our W9.

Do you offer plans for more than 10 users?

Yes. If you need more than 10 users, please reach out to to request a custom quote for access.

What are your data sources?

GovTribe's primary data sources are,,,, and GSA eLibrary. We also mine dozens of other secondary sources. Finally, we have developed multiple proprietary data sets that we use to augment our data. We do not have any classified data, or RFTOPs originating from a Federal Supply Schedule, GWAC, or IDIQ.

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