Federal Contract Awards

Annotated descriptions of Federal Contract Awards Search and Detail pages in GovTribe

A Federal Contract Award is the money the federal government has promised to pay a recipient, obligated (promised) in the form of a Federal Contract. Funding may be awarded to a company, organization, government entity (i.e., state, local, tribal, federal, or foreign), or individual.

In GovTribe, the Awards section of the main menu contains the award information and obligations for every federal contract, contract IDV, contracting vehicle, and grant. GovTribe regularly mines contract-related award information from FPDS.gov and USASpending.gov in near real time so this information is synced with the definitive federal source.

Award information is searchable on GovTribe, via the Awards section of the navigation menu.

The first three items of this menu section are related to federal contracts. The fourth menu item allows you to search for Federal Grant Awards.

This document describes the first item: Federal Contract Awards, which is the first level of the awards data hierarchy and includes direct contracts and task order awards under existing IDVs.

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The Federal Contract Awards Search Page

To access the Federal Contract Awards Search Page:

Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Awards >> Federal Contract Awards. (Take me there)

The Federal Contract Awards Search Page will be displayed, which allows you to view and access Federal Contract Awards sourced by GovTribe.

Please refer to Search 101 for details on how to use this page to search for awards.

The following image describes this page and its features and functionality. Note the following:

Use the “Contract Type” filter to narrow your search results by the following contract types, as shown below.

The Federal Contract Award Detail Page

To access a Federal Contract Award Detail Page:

Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Awards >> Federal Contract Awards (take me there), search for the desired award, then click on the Title of a Contract Award listed (or its View button).

The Federal Contract Award Detail Page will be displayed.

If a section described below does not apply to a particular award it will not be displayed.

Award Hierarchy Section

This section appears only if the contract was awarded under an Indefinite Delivery Vehicle (IDV), to describe the award’s hierarchy. (See Federal Contract Award Data Hierarchy for more information.)

Funding Status Section

If applicable, this section displays various funding information currently true for the award.

Scroll over any item to view details about that metric.

Activity Feed

Along the left side of the Detail Page, this panel displays a list of all updates and actions that happen related to the Award, with links to access more details when applicable.

Summary Section

This section displays the Contract’s summary as defined by the Federal Agency, as well as links to updates, if applicable.

Details Section

This section displays important details of the Award, with links to pertinent information, such as the Federal Agency’s page, Awarded Vendor’s page, and NAICS and PSC Category information.

Funding Timeline Section

This section displays a graph detailing the Potential Value, Current Value, and Total Dollars Obligated for the Award over time. Note that you can hover your mouse over various elements in the graph to learn more.

Federal Contract Transactions Section

This section displays a list of all Modifications made to the Federal Contract associated with this Award, as well as the reason for the Modification, dollar amount associated with the Obligation, and the Date of the Modification.

Federal Contract Opportunities Section

This section provides access to information about the Opportunity or Opportunities that resulted in the Award.

Federal Contract Subawards

This section is included only if subcontracts exist on the awarded contract, to display a list of subawards.

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