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Federal Contract Vehicles
Annotated descriptions of Federal Contract Vehicles Search and Detail pages in GovTribe
A contract vehicle is a streamlined method the government uses to buy goods and services. Contract vehicles are centrally managed by a federal agency, which reduces acquisition administrative costs and creates time and resource efficiencies.
In GovTribe, the Awards section of the main menu contains the award information and obligations for every federal contract, contract IDV, contracting vehicle, and grant. GovTribe regularly mines contract-related award information from and in near real time so this information is synced with the definitive federal source.
Award information is searchable on GovTribe, via the Awards section of the navigation menu.
The first three items of this menu section, described later in this document, are related to federal contracts. The fourth menu item allows you to search for Federal Grant Awards.
This document describes the second item: Federal Contract Vehicles, which is the third level of the awards data hierarchy.

To access the Federal Contract Vehicles Search Page:
Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Awards >> Federal Contract Vehicles. (Take me there)
The Federal Contract Vehicles Search Page will be displayed, which allows you to view and access Federal Contract IDV Awards sourced by GovTribe.
Please refer to Search 101 for details on how to use this page to search for awards.
The following image describes this page and its features and functionality. Note the following:

To access a Federal Contract Vehicle Detail Page:
Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Awards >> Federal Contract Vehicles (take me there), search for the desired award, then click on the Title of the award listed (or its View button).
The Federal Contract Vehicle Detail Page will be displayed.
If a section described below does not apply to a particular award it will not be displayed.

This section displays important details of the Contract Vehicle Award, including a summary of the Contract Vehicle, Award Date, Last Date to Order, and Predecessors and Successors, if available.

If applicable, the award hierarchy will be displayed, similar to the following image:
See Federal Contract Award Data Hierarchy for a complete description of the award hierarchy.

This section displays various funding information currently true for the Contract Vehicle. Scroll over any item to view details about that metric.
Click the Total Task Orders button to view a graph displaying the task order distribution amongst the awarded vendors.

This section provides useful funding information for the Contract Vehicle, starting at the highest contracting level and allowing you to drill down to the lowest.
See Detail Pages - Funding Analysis Section (found in the Reports on Detail Pages section of this User Guide) for a more detailed description of this section’s functionality.

This screen displays a list of all Federal Agencies associated with the Contract Vehicle.

This section displays a list of all Federal Contract IDVs that have been awarded under this IDV Award.

This section displays a list of all Federal Contracts that have been awarded under this Contract Vehicle Award.

This section provides access to information about the Federal Contractor Opportunities that resulted in the Award.

This section displays a list of all Awardees under the Contract Vehicle and their relevant information.
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