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GovTribe Plan Options & Support Levels

Description of all three plan options and features, as well as support levels per plan

Signing Up for a GovTribe Subscription

Step 1: Click the Sign Up option on the GovTribe website main menu or the login page.
Step 2: Click Free Trial, then complete the form provided and click Sign Up.
GovTribe provides a free, 14-day Trial Subscription to allow you to explore all of GovTribe's features and benefits. Once you have signed up for your Trial Subscription, you can then upgrade to a paid subscription at any time.
No Credit Card is required for a Free Trial. At the end of the free trial period, you will have the option to purchase the plan you are currently on (Standard Monthly for the Free Trial), or change to a different plan or billing frequency.
If you choose to
Step 3. Check your email for a message from GovTribe, and following the directions to confirm your email address and log in to GovTribe.
You have now started your free 14-Day Trial Subscription, which has all the features of the Standard GovTribe Plan Option, so you can invite colleagues to explore GovTribe’s full features and benefits.
At any time during your Trial Subscription, or even after the 14-day period, you can choose to continue your subscription at a paid level, continuing with the steps below.
When you are ready to upgrade to a paid account:
Step 4. Log in to your GovTribe account, and select Account from the Admin menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
Step 5. Select either the Pay Monthly or Pay Annually tab.
Note the cost savings with an annual subscription.
Step 6: Click the Buy button for the Plan you need.
Step 7: Follow the instructions provided to complete your subscription.

GovTribe Plan Options

The following matrix describes the various features available in the three GovTribe plan options: Solo, Standard, and Premium.
Free Trial Users are automatically on the Standard Plan, and can invite multiple users to experience GovTribe’s features and benefits.
# of Pipelines, Pursuits, Tasks, and Saved Searches
Export Records Limit # of records/search results you can download at a time learn more​
# of Users
2 to 10
11 to 50 (contact us for >50 users)
Feature Your Vendor Profile customize and prioritize your Vendor Profile in public searches learn more​
Enhanced Vendor & Contact Data See additional data for Vendor Profiles and Contact Information
Support Level see descriptions below​
​Email Support​
​Email Support and
​Live Chat or Web Meetings​
​Email Support and
​Live Chat or Web Meetings​
Onboarding Service

Support Options Explained

Email Support

Plan Levels: Basic
Under the Basic users can request support via email to [email protected], with a typical response time within 24 hours.

Live Chat

Plan Levels: Standard and Premium
Standard and Premium Plan users can use GovTribe’s live web chat support, available during east coast business hours from approximately 9 am to 5 pm, M-F, except for holidays. Responses can typically be expected within an hour, and are usually much faster (average is under 5 minutes).
To access live chat:
Step 1. Click the chat icon in the lower right corner of any GovTribe screen.
Step 2. Click New conversation. Note that you can also perform a quick keyword search of our help documentation.

Web Meetings

Plan Levels: Standard and Premium
Standard and Premium Plan users can schedule live web meetings via Zoom to allow for screen-sharing and video recordings. These meetings are booked in one-hour increments. In order to schedule live web meeting, please use the live chat or contact support via email
Before scheduling a web meeting or call, please attempt to answer questions via Live Chat, since most support requests can be resolved more quickly this way.

Onboarding Service

The Standard & Premium plans include live web training delivered via Zoom Web Meetings. Zoom video meetings can be recorded and those videos become yours to keep and share with your team. Please let the GovTribe team know at the beginning of your demo if you are interested in a recorded session.
Live training sessions are intended for initial on-boarding, training of team members on how to use the site, and assistance with pipeline and saved search configuration.
Web meetings can also be scheduled for support purposes, if the question or issue cannot be easily resolved over chat. This can include assistance in researching specific information or analyzing data, or on more in-depth general market research training.