Annotated description of the main Tasks page for your account

GovTribe helps you collaborate with team members on your account with a Tasks module, in which you and others can create Tasks for Pursuits and assign an Owner, due date, and more.

Tasks are created for each individual Pursuit on the Tasks tab of the Pursuit Detail page (Main Menu >> My GovTribe >> Pursuits >> click appropriate Pursuit >> click Tasks tab). Tasks can then be viewed and managed either in the same location, or on Main Tasks page for the entire account (Main Menu >> My GovTribe >> Tasks).

When a Task is created the Owner (assignee) receives an email notification, and when the Task is marked Complete, the Task’s creator receives an email notification.

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To access the Tasks Page:

Step 1. Go to: Capture >> Tasks.

The Tasks page will be displayed, which allows you to view and access Tasks on all Pursuits across your account.

The following image describes this page and its features and functionality:

The Task list can be filtered by the following options:

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