Federal Forecasts

An explanation of Federal Forecasts on GovTribe, and annotated description of related pages

Federal Forecasts are agency records meant to notify industry of potential upcoming opportunities. They ensure that potential contractors get advanced knowledge of upcoming opportunities, fostering better competition and more prepared bids.

About Federal Forecasts on GovTribe

The Federal Forecasts available on GovTribe are aggregated from DHS, USAID, GSA, Commerce, Treasury and NASA at this time. To request additional agencies and sources, please do so here. These records are brought into GovTribe daily from their respective GovTribe Sources.

Forecast Data Exceptions

Currently, we are selectively integrating data from the aforementioned agencies to maintain the highest standards of data integrity. Our Federal Forecasts within GovTribe strictly encompass those with concrete record components. Consequently, any prospective "forecasts" alluded to during industry engagements, such as Industry Day discussions, that lack definitive documentation or validation are not incorporated into our GovTribe Federal Forecasts.

Federal Forecasts Search Page

To access the Federal Forecasts Search Page:

Step 1: Go To Main Menu >> Opportunities >> Federal Forecasts (Take me there)

The Federal Forecasts Search Page will be displayed, which allows you to access and view Federal Forecasts sourced by GovTribe.

In order to open any Forecast record, please select the Title.

The Federal Forecasts Detail Page will be displayed.

Buyer Personas

This section displays Federal Buyer Personas related to the Forecast record. Click the Person's name to view their Profile.

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