Analysis & Research Modules

Descriptions of the various types of data and how you can use it to develop your business

GovTribe is a powerful tool in your business development arsenal, providing access to real-time, up-to-date data and information easily accessed, all in one place.

Certain items in GovTribe can be “Favorited” to keep it at your fingertips to make searching and filtering even more targeted and relevant to your needs.

The types of data you can explore in GovTribe are described here.


GovTribe aggregates all Federal contracts and grant opportunities into one easy-to-use tool. This very large, searchable database can be filtered to target opportunities specific to your business. Furthermore, GovTribe “learns” from your past awards and search behavior to suggest opportunities for you.

Search for opportunities in GovTribe that are relevant to your business, then add them as Pursuits. Create Tasks for your team, then monitor and manage your Pipeline through completion.

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GovTribe also aggregates Federal Contract Awards, Contract IDV Awards, and Grant Awards so you can research past opportunities, who won them, who offered them, and more.

Search for and research Federal Contract Vehicles to view in-depth data about GSA (General Services Administration) Schedules, ID/IQ (Indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity) Contracts, and GWACs (government-wide acquisition contract).

Use this information to research a market segment, find information about currently active or upcoming expiring contracts or grants, or investigate competitors and incumbents.

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GovTribe aggregates lists of Federal Agencies and People (e.g., Contracting Officers, departments, and organizations.) GovTribe users research Federal Agencies and People to learn who typically offers contracts or grants of interest to them.

GovTribe also offers the ability to search through Vendors who have applied for or won Contracts with Federal Agencies. GovTribe users research vendors for competition benchmarking and to find potential partners.

Useful links:

  • Federal Agencies How to search Federal Agencies, and an annotated view of a Federal Agency Detail Page

  • Vendors How to search Vendors, and an annotated view of a Vendor Detail Page

  • Research Your Competitors How to use Vendor data to understand your competitors and identify possible teaming opportunities

Government Files

Use this GovTribe feature to locate public Government Files to learn about various opportunities, vehicles, and much more.

Most files are downloadable PDFs or Word documents that can be searched for relevant information using keywords inside GovTribe.

Useful link:

  • Government Files How to search Government Files, and an annotated view of a Government File Detail Page

NAICS and PSC Categories

GovTribe maintains detailed lists of all NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) and PSC (Product Services Code) Categories, allowing users to search and “favorite” categories that apply to them.

Once relevant categories are identified, GovTribe uses them to suggest Opportunities for your company.

Useful links:

  • NAICS Categories How to search NAICS Categories, and an annotated view of a NAICS Category Detail Page

  • PSC Categories How to search PSC Categories, and an annotated view of a PSC Category Detail Page

  • Research NAICS and PSC Categories How to research NAICS and PSC Categories relevant to your business to learn valuable intelligence

Federal Grant Programs

GovTribe aggregates all current and past Federal Grant Programs, allowing users to search for programs of interest to them.

Useful link:

  • Federal Grant Programs How to search Federal Grant Programs, and an annotated view of a Federal Grant Program Detail Page

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