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A State is a political entity of the United States of America. All State's listed in GovTribe holds a governmental jurisdiction over a separate and defined geographic territory and shares its sovereignty with the federal government.

State Search Page

To access the State Search Page:

Step 1: Go to Main Menu >> Participants >> States (Take me there).

The States Search Page will be displayed, which allows you to access and view State profiles within GovTribe.

State Individual Record Page

To access a State's Individual Record Page:

Step 1: Go to Main Menu >> Participants >> States (Take me there), then click on the Title of any State listed

The States Individual Record page will be displayed.

State Details

State Details like Contact information, related domain and email aliases, technologies/software used, and headquarters location:

State Personas

State Employee profiles available on GovTribe with their contact information and any related details

State Contract Opportunities

Contract opportunities for the state you are looking at:

State Government Files

Files related to this state which were associated to any related contract opportunities:

State Jurisdictions

List of Jurisdictions found in this state:

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