Data Exports

What GovTribe data you can export and how

You are able to export information you find on GovTribe to a CSV file from every search page accessible in your side menu. For example, you can export:

  • a list of opportunities from the Federal Contract Opportunity search page

  • a set of contract spending data from the Federal Contract Award search page

  • a list of company information from the Vendor search page.

How to Export Data

To export data from most GovTribe screens:

Step 1. Click the Export button, found at the top right corner of many GovTribe search screens.

When the data is compiled and ready, a message will display:

The data contained on your current screen will be exported to a CSV file and will be emailed to the email address on your account.

If you exceed export record limit associated with your account level, the following message will display, allowing you to upgrade your account if you wish:

Data Export Record Limits

While there is no limit to the amount of your own data on GovTribe that you can export (anything in the My GovTribe area, such as Pursuits lists), the amount of GovTribe data (for example, Opportunities, Awards, etc.) is limited based on your subscription plan. These limits are as follows:

  • Solo plan: 50 records

  • Standard plan: 3,000 records

  • Premium plan: 25,000 records

These limits are per export. There are no limits on the total number of times you can perform a data export, and there is no aggregate record limit on exports.

If you exceed the limit, the following message will be displayed:

Before exporting, you can view the number of results in the current dataset at the top of the screen. For example::

If you exceed your account level’s limit, you can either:

  • Upgrade to a plan that allows you to export your desired query.

  • Modify your query parameters to get under the limit.

    • For example, you run a search for contracts awarded to a specific company by HHS, and there are 65 results. Your data export limit is 50 records. In order to export this data, you can try adding an Ultimate Completion Date filter to narrow the search to just the contracts that are still active. First export this smaller list, then modify the filter to view just the contracts that have already ended, and export that list separately.

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