Federal Contract Opportunities

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A Federal Contract is an agreement between the federal government and a prime recipient (contractor/vendor) to provide goods and services for a fee, including all types of commitments that obligate the government to an expenditure of appropriated funds and that, except as otherwise authorized, are in writing. In addition to bilateral instruments, contracts include (but are not limited to) awards and notices of awards; job orders or task letters issued under basic ordering agreements; letter contracts; orders, such as purchase orders, under which the contract becomes effective by written acceptance or performance; and bilateral contract modifications. Contracts do not include grants and cooperative agreements covered by 31 U.S.C. 6301, et seq.

About Federal Contract Opportunities on GovTribe

Federal Contract Opportunities on GovTribe are mined in near realtime from the authoritative website for federal contracting opportunities, sam.gov. (Any data prior to November 2019 came from FBO.gov.)

Procurement Data Exceptions

There are some types of Federal Contract Opportunities that GovTribe is not able to post. These are generally any opportunities that are being bid on limited competition multiple award vehicles. For example, GSA Schedule opportunities cannot be found on GovTribe. This is because the GSA has a private portal available only to GSA Schedule contract holders (GSA eBuy) and specifically disallows companies like GovTribe to mine and re-post that information.

Many GWACs (Governmentwide Acquisition vehicles) or large IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity) contracts also have private portals with similar restrictions. Procurements under the GWACs Alliant II and 8a STARS II are also run through eBuy. The Navy's Seaport-e IDIQ has its own private acquisition portal with similar restrictions on reposting solicitation information.

It is also important to understand that a large number of smaller multiple award IDIQ contracts do not post public solicitations at all. Procurements under IDIQs like Homeland Security's Eagle II are executed by government contracting personnel emailing solicitation documents directly to contract-holders. So it is not possible for GovTribe to acquire and repost those.

We also do not have any classified opportunities, you will need to access ARC to see any of those.

Federal Contract Opportunities Search Page

To access the Main Federal Contract Opportunities Search Page:

Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Opportunities >> Federal Contract Opportunities. (Take me there)

The Federal Contract Opportunities Search Page will be displayed, which allows you to access and view Federal Contract Opportunities sourced by GovTribe.

Please refer to the following for details on how to use this page to search for opportunities:

Federal Contract Opportunity Detail Page

To access a Federal Contract Opportunity’s Detail Page:

Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Opportunities >> Federal Contract Opportunities (take me there), then click on the Title of any Contract Opportunity listed.

The Federal Contract Opportunities Detail Page will be displayed.

GovTribe AI Insights

This section display preset prompts on commonly asked questions about Opportunities and allows you to find key data to qualify and research an opportunity as well as chat with GovTribe AI to dig deeper into the data.


For Premium and Standard users, Buyer (Federal POCs) and Industry (GovCon POCs) involved in the opportunity are accessible from Federal Contract Opportunities.

To access Personas from Opportunity record, you can select either Buyer Personas or Industry Personas, click the View Person icon to understand all places they have been sighted. Sightings indicates the total amount the Person has been seen in Government Files.

Alternatively, access Personas via the By Location in Opportunity to better understand their relationship to the record.

Files Section

This section displays a list of Files associated with the contract opportunity. Click the File name to view. Click More to view all files and the Cloud icon to export.

Activity Section

Users can view updates made to the contract opportunity via the Activity tab. Information presented is the added External Files, Amendment revision and Changed Due Date.

Likely Bidders Section

Premium and Standard users can access Vendor profiles who are likely to bid on the contract opportunity via the Likely Bidders tab. Click the Vendor name to view their profile.

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