Detail Pages - Awards Report

Description of the Awards Report included on select Detail Pages

Several pages throughout GovTribe include a Reports section, which includes multiple reports regarding funding for that item (i.e., Federal Contract Vehicles, Federal Agencies, Federal Grant Programs, Vendors, NAICS Categories, and PSC Categories). This information is presented visually and as a list, and can be “drilled down” to lower levels in the data’s hierarchy, where applicable.

This document describes the Awards Report for an individual item, found on its Detail Page.

GovTribe also provides a global Awards Report, accessed through the main main menu (My GovTribe >> Reports), which allows you to view and filter Awards information across the entire GovTribe database. Learn more about the Global Awards Report here.

To access Funding Analysis for an individual item:

Step 1. Access any of the following pages:

Step 2. On most pages, the Reports tab is already visible, as the first section at the top of the page. If not, simply click the Reports tab at the top of the page to scroll to the Reports section

Step 3. Click the Awards tab in the Reports section.

This document describes how to interpret the information in this report, using the Federal Agency Department of Homeland Security as an example.

This Reports tab displays an area graph representing the total number of Awards for the Agency.

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