Pipeline, Pursuits, and Triage Overview

The basic elements of a Pipeline and how to use one, including the Triage Stage

What Is a Pipeline In GovTribe?

A Pipeline in GovTribe is a customizable workflow tool that allows you to define the stages of production that you will use as you pursue an Opportunity. Each stage represents a business development activity, which typically include activities such as: opportunity identification, opportunity research, proposal development, proposal review, and projections reporting.

You can create a custom Pipeline and define your own stages, or you can use (and customize) a GovTribe Pipeline Template.

How to Create a Pipeline in GovTribe

What is a Pursuit in GovTribe?

As you identify Opportunities you are interested in, you’ll add them as Pursuits to your Pipeline.

How to Add Pursuits to Your Pipeline

About the Triage Stage

When you add an Opportunity as a Pursuit to your Pipeline, the Pursuit is automatically added to a default Triage Stage. This stage is automatically included as a “pre-stage” in all Pipelines. It is intended to be used as a staging ground for all newly identified Opportunities.

When you click the Add Pursuit button on any Opportunity or Award page, the Opportunity is added to the selected Pipeline in the Triage stage.

Federal Contract Opportunity’s

Federal Grant Opportunity’s and Award's

When viewing your Pipeline, in the upper right corner of the screen the Triage stage is shown, along with the number of Pursuits that are currently in Triage:

Note that you can choose to Hide the Triage stage when viewing your Pipeline screen if you prefer.

Adding Pursuits to Triage allows you and your team to separate opportunity identification activities from any subsequent research and bid/no-bid due diligence. You and your team can, for instance, add new Pursuits to Triage throughout the week, and then return to your Pipeline when you are ready to perform due diligence before deciding whether to move a Pursuit out of Triage and into an active stage of your Pipeline (or to delete or abandon the pursuit.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pursuits in Triage do not affect your Pipeline's stats or projections, and you are not required to fill in any details for Pursuits in Triage.

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