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Jurisdictions within United States states refer to specific geographic areas within a state that have their own governing bodies and legal authorities to enact and enforce laws, regulations, and ordinances. These jurisdictions are established to manage and provide services and governance at a level closer to the citizens.

Jurisdiction Search Page

To access the Jurisdiction Search Page

Step 1: Go to Main Menu >> Participants >> Jurisdictions (Take me there)

The Jurisdictions Search Page will be displayed, which allows you to access and view Jurisdiction profiles within GovTribe.

Jurisdiction Individual Record Page

To access a Jurisdictions Individual Record Page:

Step 1: Go to Main Menu >> Participants >> Jurisdictions (Take me there), then click on the Title of any Jurisdiction listed

Jurisdiction Details

Jurisdiction Details like Contact information, related domain and email aliases, technologies/software used, and headquarters location:

Jurisdiction Personas

Jurisdiction Employee profiles available on GovTribe with their contact information and any related details:

Jurisdiction Contract Opportunities

Jurisdiction contract opportunities:

Jurisdiction Government Files

Files related to the opportunities within this Jurisdiction:

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