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Search for buyers that are actively purchasing goods and services within a particular Industry.
Buyers are Personas that are actively purchasing goods and services from a particular Industry. In GovTribe you are able to search for the contact information of that those buyers as well as pull a few more insights.

Getting Started

To get started - just add a few filters! We'll find buyers in the federal government that work in this market based on the Federal Agencies, NAICS Categories, and PSC Categories most relevant to you:
Use as many filters as you need to help refine your results.

Buyer Insights

Buyers Insights provide a quick, high level, market report so at a glance you can see the top agencies, NAICS PSC Categories, Top Employers, Vehicles in the Market, and awards based on the filters you have set:

Buyer Profiles

To learn more about a particular contact, simply open up their profile:

Details Section

The Details section presents information related to the Person's Profile. Click the email address or LinkedIn to make contact with the Person. View the Person's Seniority, Role, Location and Biography.


Activity lets you view previous activity where this contacts showing up in the federal contracting space:


Lets you quickly generate Total Addressable Market reports that related to.


Colleagues will show you a list of contacts that work with this particular buyer.