User Guide

Enhanced People Profile

Access insights on the employees of your competitors and Federal buyers.
GovTribe maintains an extensive, up-to-date database of any Person who has been mentioned inside a Federal Contract, Grant Opportunity, Contract Award or Grant Award. We also track every Person who has been mentioned in a Government File attached to an Opportunity including Industry Days & Solicitations.
In the future, GovTribe will provide the ability to track Government People in the same way.

Enhanced People Profile

Standard & Premium plan Users get access to enhanced rich Person Profile data, including a Person's Vendor, Job Title, Seniority, Role as well as contact information for LinkedIn & Email.
In addition, with access to Enhanced People Profiles, Users have the ability to:
  • Locate and identify People associated with Vendors to understand the Person's expertise
  • Reference the Person's Profile to make contact on LinkedIn or Email
  • Gain insight on People's activity via Sightings, a curated feed that provides an integrated list of each time a Person has appeared in a data source related to a Federal Contract or Grant
  • Sightings also provides the ability to monitor the activity of potential competitors and teaming partners

Locate Enhanced People Profiles

To access Enhanced People Profiles:
Step 1. Go to: Main Menu >> Participants >> Vendors. (Take me there)
The Vendors Search Page will be displayed.
Step 1. Search for the desired Vendor to locate the Person. Once Searched, the five most recently active People's icons are displayed.
Step 2(a). To view a Person's profile from People, click the Person's icon.
Step 2(b). Optionally, click the ">" symbol to open a table. The table displays all the People from the Vendor. View their Last Seen date and number of Sightings from government files. Click to Search for a specific Person and expand table size.
Step 3. To view a specific person's Profile, click their name.


The Details section presents information related to the Person's Profile. Click the email address or LinkedIn to make contact with the Person. View the Person's Seniority, Role, Location and Biography.
Step 1. Click to make contact with the Person via email or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Step 1. From the Sightings section, click to open specific government files where the Person was seen.
Step 2. After clicking to view the Government File, the header will present details from the file.
If searching for the Federal Contract Opportunity or Federal Agency associated with the Government File, click to be directed.
The file embed will automatically navigate and highlight where the Person is located in file. Click to contact the Person or search the file further.