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Access the GovTribe API

Get access to GovTribe’s API in just a few simple steps
The GovTribe API is available on paid GovTribe accounts only and priced separately from a GovTribe Subscription, you can add the API to your account by following the instructions here: Add API Access.
Access to the API is controlled via OAuth Access Tokens. If you're not familiar with how they work, take a moment to read up on them. Access the API's full documentation here.

Access the GovTribe API

To access the GovTribe API:
Step 1. In the Administration Menu in the upper right corner, select Developer Portal.
Step 2. Click the + Create link in the API Access Tokens section as you can see below:
Step 3. The below window will pop up, enter your desired Name, accept the Terms and select Sav.
Note that we use OAuth Access Tokens to control access to the GovTribe API. You should send this token with each request your application makes to the GovTribe API.
Step 4. In the GovTribe API documentation online, click the green Authorize button to link the Documentation's API Console to your new token. (It’s on the right side, a little way down the page.)
Step 5. In the pop-over window, paste the token into the Value field, then click Close.
The Authorize button should now display a closed padlock icon, meaning it’s ready to use.

Test a Request

Step 1. Access the GovTribe API Documentation. The first one listed in the documentation is "Get a list of Federal Agencies Resources":
Step 2. Click Try It Out to see the request and response:

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